Four Popular Platforms for Finding Gig Work

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There was once a time when the only people who used the word “gig” were musicians chatting about a booking. Today, virtually every newspaper and magazine features the booming gig economy — or how to make the most of it — on a regular…

Summer Employment for Your Child

Article Highlights Higher Standard Deduction IRA Options Self-Employed Parent Employing Your Child Tax Benefits Summer is almost here, and your children may be looking for a summer job. The standard deduction for single individuals…

Relocating? How to Do It with Taxes in Mind

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If you’re thinking about moving from your current locale, you’re not alone. Americans are on the move for many different reasons: Remote work is increasingly popular and allows employees to live wherever they have access to WiFi, while tax…

Kiddie Tax No Longer Based on Parents’ Tax Rate

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Article Highlights: Parents Attempting to Shift Income to Children Kiddie Tax Tax Reform Changes Tax on Child’s Unearned Income Tax on Child’s Earned Income Some years back, it was not uncommon for parents to put…
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Big Businesses Are Struggling to Fill Open Positions This Holiday Season

Article by Emily Canal | Found on INC.COM The holidays are upon us, but not everyone is ready for the festivities to begin. Many companies are having a hard time finding seasonal workers this year. That's according to a new report…
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What Will the Workplace of the Future Look Like?

Article Found on Business News Daily | Written by Nicole Fallon The modern American workplace is undergoing drastic changes. Everything from company culture to how buildings are managed is on the table. Business operations, workspaces, and…
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8 Things You Should Never Do at Work

Article by Maurie Backman | Found on CNN We all know we're supposed to show up to work on time, respect our managers, and meet deadlines as assigned. But here are a few things not to do if you want to succeed on the job. 1. Complain too…
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When Millennials are the Boss

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Article by Shen Lu | Found on CNN The kids have grown up and they're ready to take on the world. While much of the buzz around Millennials in the workplace has been about managing them, many of them have risen to leadership roles, supervising…
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Data Shows Now Is The Best Time To Change Careers (And, That It Won't Last Much Longer)

Article by J.T. O'Donell | Found on An estimated 76 percent of workers today aren't very satisfied with their jobs, with more than 40 percent of them planning to switch jobs in 2017. As a career expert, one of the most common requests…
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Advice on Boomerang Kids from Money Pros Who Know

Article by Beth Pinkser | Article Found on Reuters George Gagliardi knows the old adage about the shoemaker with barefoot kids: The financial adviser has two adult sons bunking at home. Gagliardi's biggest challenge? Imparting financial…