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Your Resume Is a Waste of Time: 8 Better Ways to Get Hired for the Job You Want

Article by Jeff Haden | Found on

A friend of mine can’t find a job. “I’ve worked hard on my resume,” he says. “I’ve written a killer cover letter. I’ve applied for dozens of jobs and I haven’t even gotten an interview, so clearly no one must be hiring.”

Maybe you’ve done the same. Maybe you’ve submitted plenty of resumes. Maybe you’ve included catchy cover letters. Maybe you’ve even asked someone to put in a good word for you.

And then you didn’t even get a reply, much less the job.

Why? You did some work… but not the right work.

There are many things you can’t control about the job-seeking process. Cumbersome application systems, automated filters that identify keywords instead of talent, lazy hiring managers content to simply find a square peg for a round hole, all of that is outside your control.

But there is one thing you can control: the amount of work you put in. Read more