Learn what factors determine whether a household worker qualifies as an employee or an independent contractor.

Household Help: Employee or Contractor?

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Taxpayers often will hire an individual or firm to provide services at the taxpayer’s home. Because the IRS requires employers to withhold taxes for employees and issue them W-2s at the end of the year, the big question is whether or not that…
Could Your Sales Invoices Be Better? How QuickBooks Online Can Help.

Could Your Sales Invoices Be Better? How QuickBooks Online Can Help.

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Every interaction with your customers can enhance your image. Here’s how QuickBooks Online contributes to that. Getting paid by your customers—on time, and in full—can take some effort on your part. You set smart due dates and enforce…
Three Common Family Tax Mistakes

Three Common Family Tax Mistakes

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When it comes to transactions between family members, the tax laws are frequently overlooked, if not outright trampled upon. The following are three commonly encountered situations and the tax ramifications associated with each. Renting…

IRA Missteps to Avoid

Article Highlights: Selecting a Type of IRA Missing out on the Saver’s Credit Taking Distributions before Retirement Age Failure to Keep Designated Beneficiaries Current Overlooking the Spousal IRA Failing to Recognize…

Kiddie Tax No Longer Based on Parents’ Tax Rate

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Article Highlights: Parents Attempting to Shift Income to Children Kiddie Tax Tax Reform Changes Tax on Child’s Unearned Income Tax on Child’s Earned Income Some years back, it was not uncommon for parents to put…
10 Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Miss When Starting Out

10 Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Miss When Starting Out

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The process of starting a small business can be an arduous one; there are numerous steps that need to be taken — and often in a precise order — to legally establish a business. As a result, the process can be overwhelming. Unfortunately,…
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How to Save Money on the Biggest Expenses in Your Budget

Article by Anna Bahney | Found on CNN Want to find some real savings in your budget? Cutting out lattes and avocado toast probably isn't the way to go. Housing, transportation and food: that's what Americans spend almost 70% of their money…
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New Tax Law Cracks Down on Home Mortgage Interest

Article Highlights: Acquisition Debt Interest Equity Debt Interest Consumer Interest New Tax Law Changes Note: The is one of a series of articles explaining how the various tax changes made by the GOP’s Tax Cuts & Jobs…
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How do I create a long-term financial plan?

Article by Julia Carpenter | Found on CNN Q: How do I create a lifelong finance plan and how much money will I need for all of those things? Emergency fund, wedding, buying a house, retirement, college savings for my future kids (how much…
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3 Things Colleges Don't Tell You About Financial Aid

Article by Bill Carmody | Found on INC.COM If you've been reading my Inc column for the past 3 years or follow me on Twitter, you know that I'm on a mission to help a million people become millionaires. Your wealth is very important to…