IRA Missteps to Avoid

Article Highlights: Selecting a Type of IRA Missing out on the Saver’s Credit Taking Distributions before Retirement Age Failure to Keep Designated Beneficiaries Current Overlooking the Spousal IRA Failing to Recognize…

Kiddie Tax No Longer Based on Parents’ Tax Rate

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Article Highlights: Parents Attempting to Shift Income to Children Kiddie Tax Tax Reform Changes Tax on Child’s Unearned Income Tax on Child’s Earned Income Some years back, it was not uncommon for parents to put…
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Should I Use a Credit Card to Pay My Taxes?

With tax filing season out of the way, paying off those tax bills that weren't paid by April 18th is the next major concern for people. While there are a few options for payment agreements if you can't afford to write a check for the full amount…
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Find Lost Money

Article Highlights:  What is unclaimed property? How can you find unclaimed property? What are your chances of finding unclaimed property in your name? Unclaimed property refers to accounts in financial institutions and companies…
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How to Save Money on the Biggest Expenses in Your Budget

Article by Anna Bahney | Found on CNN Want to find some real savings in your budget? Cutting out lattes and avocado toast probably isn't the way to go. Housing, transportation and food: that's what Americans spend almost 70% of their money…
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4 Money Lessons Every Teenager Needs to Know

Article by Katherine Vasel | Found on CNN It's time to talk to your teenager about money. The teen years may be the first time kids start to earn their own money. And establishing good habits now can pay dividends well into their future. Plus,…
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Is Your Credit Score Affecting Your Quality of Life?

Article by Anna Johansson | Found on NBC The American dream is usually characterized as working hard from the bottom up, making a good salary, buying a house and having time to create and enjoy your family life. But the vision doesn’t…
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5 Money Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year

Article by Anna Bahney | Found on CNN We've got a much easier approach. Just stop doing these five financial things and you'll have more savings, smarter spending habits and a secure identity in the next year. 1. Stop saving your leftovers Saving…
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7 Financial Steps To Take Before The Year Is Over

Article by Scott Spann | Found on Forbes It’s safe to say that you will start to hear a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions over the course of the next few weeks. Since money and wealth are integrated into many aspects of the life…
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Three Ways To Create Lasting Change In Your Financial Situation

Article by Brian Thompson | Found on Forbes Recently, a friend reached out to me because she was overwhelmed. She had just gotten a new job she loved and the fresh start at the new place caused her to reflect on where she was financially. She…