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Tax Rules for Home Flippers

Article Highlights: Definition of Flipping Government Will Share in the Profits Tax Treatment Depends on Being a Dealer, Investor or Homeowner Distinguishing a Dealer from an Investor With mortgage interest rates low, flipping real estate appears to be on the rise. This activity is even the theme of several popular reality TV shows. House flipping […]


Back-Door Roth IRAs

Article Highlights: Roth IRA Contribution Limitations Converting a Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA Circumventing the Limitations Back-Door Roth IRAs Pitfalls of a Back-Door Roth IRA The “All IRAs Are One” Rule Many individuals who are saving for retirement favor Roth IRAs over traditional IRAs because the former allows for both accumulation of account earnings […]

7 Personal Finance Tips for Freelancers and Gig Workers

Freelance work and the gig economy have taken the nation by storm. A study commissioned by the Freelancers Union and freelance platform Upwork revealed that the gig economy’s work force reached an eye-popping 57 million Americans in 2019, with increasing numbers likely to join in the future. You can choose freelancing as your sole source of […]


The Treasury Green Book of Biden Proposed Tax Changes

Article Highlights Long-Term Capital Gains Rates Top Individual Tax Rate Pass-Through Income Subject to 3.8% NIIT or SECA Tax Limit Nonrecognition of Like-Kind Exchanges Transfer of Appreciated Property by Gift or Death Family-Owned and -Operated Businesses 15-Year Fixed-Rate Payment Plan  Excess Business Loss Limitation Carried Interest Enhanced Financial Account Reporting The U.S. Treasury has released […]

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Relocating? How to Do It with Taxes in Mind

If you’re thinking about moving from your current locale, you’re not alone. Americans are on the move for many different reasons: Remote work is increasingly popular and allows employees to live wherever they have access to WiFi, while tax changes introduced by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) limited the important SALT (State […]


Did You Get a Letter from the IRS? Don’t Panic.

Article Highlights: IRS Notices CP Series Notice Automated Notices Frequent Errors ID Theft Penalties and Interest What You Should Do What We Will Do Now that most tax refunds are deposited directly into taxpayers’ bank accounts, the dream of opening your mailbox and finding an IRS refund check is all but a thing of the […]

Supporting the Vital Life Foundation

Hello Vital Life Board and Ambassador Board Members,   Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a part of a KOIN TV interview congratulating two of our charitable partners, Friends of the Children and Meals on Wheels People for going above and beyond during the pandemic. We would love it if more of our VLF […]