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Understanding What Tax-Deferred Investing Is

Article Highlights: Income Deferral Earnings Deferral Individual Retirement Accounts Retirement Accounts Bank Savings Short- and Long-Term Capital Gains Education Savings Accounts Health Savings Accounts Installment Sales Tax Deferred Exchanges  Qualified Opportunity Funds When you are attempting to defer the taxability of a capital gain, save money for your children’s future education or plan your retirement […]


How QuickBooks Can Get Your Finances In Order for 2023

Put 2022 behind you by wrapping up those unfinished accounting tasks in QuickBooks. You meant to clean up your accounting data by the end of 2022, but December is so busy. It was hard to do much beyond managing each day’s high-priority QuickBooks work. You’d catch up in January, you told yourself in December. Now […]

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Common Family Tax Mistakes

Article Highlights Family Member Transactions Renting to a Relative  Below-Market Loans Transferring Home Titles Gifts Basis Life Estate Incorrect Withholding Child Files Incorrect Return When it comes to transactions between family members, the tax laws are frequently overlooked, if not outright trampled upon. The following aresome commonly encountered situations and the tax ramifications associated with […]

January 2023 Important Due Dates

January 2023 Individual Due Dates January 3 – Time to Call For Your Tax Appointment – January is the beginning of tax season. If you have not made an appointment to have your taxes prepared, we encourage you to do so before the calendar becomes too crowded. January 10 – Report Tips to Employer – […]

Huge Increase in Scam Texts – Don’t Be a Victim

Article Highlights: ID Thieves Are Constantly After Your ID Information There Has Been an Exponential Increase in Text Scams Your Phone Is Their Target How to Report Text and Phishing Scams to the Government. Taxpayers should be aware of the recent increase in IRS-themed texting scams aimed at stealing personal and financial information. So far […]


Looking Ahead to 2023 Taxes 

Article Highlights: Solar Credit Home Backup Electric Storage Battery Credit  Home Energy Improvement Credit  Research Credit Clean Energy Vehicles (New and Used) Credits Standard Deduction Increase Increased Retirement Plan Contributions  Other Tax-Related Inflation Adjustments With the holiday celebrations coming to an end and the New Year just around the corner, now is the time to […]

How to Manage Your Money During a Recession

According to one recent study, the probability of the United States experiencing a recession in the next year hit 96% in October 2022. If you needed a single statistic to outline the importance of paying attention to what is going on with the economy on a regular basis, let it be that one. A recession […]


The Tax Consequences of Gig Work

Over the last decade, in particular, the definition of the term “career” has changed. Rather than being employed by a single entity for which you receive a W2 at the end of the year, many are now participating in the “gig economy” in a variety of ways. They’re not just working a day job. They’re […]


Holiday Family Employment Tax Benefits

Article Highlights:  Employing a Child Child Payroll Taxes FUTA Tax for a Child Child IRA Contributions Child Tax-Free Income Spouses Working in the Same Business Partnership Spousal Joint Venture Spouse Employee Along with the holidays comes a lot of extra work for many family-run businesses, which may require putting the kids to work and having […]