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How Millennials Are Changing the Housing Market

Article by John White | Found on INC.COM

I remember buying my first home with my wife. I will never forget the feeling of walking in together for the first time as homeowners. It was a defining moment in both our lives.

Today, younger Millennials are purchasing their first homes and older ones are already moving on to buying their second. Millennials are known as the generation that will buy a $200 pair of jeans after extensive research and trying on 67 different pairs to find the exact right ones. The way they shop for homes is no different.

This research-driven culture is supported by the internet where everything they could ever possibly want to know is right at their fingertips.

The most surprising thing about the way Millennials buy their homes is that they actually want a realtor to help guide them through the process, but that’s not the only generational shift here. Read more

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The Technology That Will Change Accounting

Article by Levi Morehouse | Found on Forbes

Lots of people speculate about the next big innovation that will take their industries by storm.

In the realm of accounting and finance, there is a major technology often misunderstood by professionals that could dramatically change the game for the financial services industry.

That technology is blockchain. Read more

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How Your Job Can Wreck Your Health

Article by Ronesh Sinha | Found on Politico

During my medical training, I learned that a typical heart attack patient is a white male older than 50 who smokes cigarettes and eats red meat. So I was surprised when patients in my Silicon Valley office succumbing to uncontrolled diabetes and heart disease turned out to be 30-year-old vegetarian, non-smoking engineers from countries like India and China. Read more

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How much life insurance do you need (if any)?

Article by

Before we deal with the downer of your death, let’s talk about your life.

Does anyone depend on you? Like, financially, depend on you?


Then you’re probably fine without life insurance.

Of course, there are certain circumstances in which a single person with no one financially dependent upon them would need life insurance.

But, generally, financial advisers say young, single, childless folks can focus on paying down debts and building up savings first. Read more

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5 Steps to Retire Debt-Free

Article by by Maurie Backman | Found on

America is a nation of borrowers, and while racking up debt can be dangerous at any age, it’s especially hazardous for those heading into retirement.

Because most seniors are behind on savings to begin with, carrying debt into retirement will only strain their already limited budget. Yet a growing number of households are kicking off their golden years with piles of debt — in fact, 20% of borrowers actually expect to die in debt. Read more

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Younger Business Travelers Are More Likely to Extend Trips For Fun

Article Found on The Economist

ACCENTURE, advertorial, jeggings. The competition for ugliest portmanteau is fierce. Few constructions, though, can match “bleisure” for barbarousness. For the uninitiated, the word is a blend of business and leisure. But ugly as it is, it exists for a reason: the practice of adding a few days of pleasure to a work trip is becoming increasingly popular.

The latest research to bear this out was released this week by the Global Business Travel Association. Its survey of North American business travellers found that 37% had extended a work trip to include some leisure within the past year. This, typically, might mean stetching a break in a city into the weekend, possibly shipping in the family to join the fun. Often, such travellers will stay in the same hotel for the duration, making up the extra cost themselves. Read more

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Estate Planning Strategies Before Congress Acts On Tax Reform

Article by Cara O’Brien | Found on

Estate planning has once again entered the realm of uncertainty.

We do not know if there will be new legislation regarding the estate and gift tax, nor do we know when such possible legislation will take place (if ever). For example, if the estate tax is repealed, will the estate tax cease immediately or as of some future date; or will the estate tax be phased out over a number of years? If there is a repeal, how long will the repeal last (viewed from both the perspective of the text of the new legislation, and the possibility of a political shift that could result in more new legislation)? Read more

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Data Shows Now Is The Best Time To Change Careers (And, That It Won’t Last Much Longer)

Article by J.T. O’Donell | Found on

An estimated 76 percent of workers today aren’t very satisfied with their jobs, with more than 40 percent of them planning to switch jobs in 2017. As a career expert, one of the most common requests I hear is people don’t just want to change jobs or employers, they want to change in to an entirely different career path or industry. This is not easy to do. It’s similar to going ninety miles an hour on the freeway and suddenly wanting to change lanes. You can’t simply cut over to the other lane without first signaling and checking your mirror. There are steps and challenges to switching careers – and most people don’t have the patience or tenacity to do them. That said, if ever there was a time to make the change, it’s now. BUT, the window of opportunity won’t last for long… Read more

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IRS adds more features to taxpayer online accounts

Article Found on | Written by Michael Kohn

The Internal Revenue Service has supplemented its online tax account tool with some new self-service features for taxpayers and their preparers.

The IRS debuted the tool last December, offering taxpayers the ability to look up basic information such as the balance due on their taxes and different IRS payment options.

The IRS said Tuesday it has added several new features since the initial launch, including the ability to view up to 18 months of tax payment history, view payoff amounts and the tax balance due for each tax year, and get online transcripts of Form 1040-series tax returns through the IRS’s Get Transcript tool. Taxpayers can also give the IRS their feedback on their experience with their online account and make suggestions for improvements. Read more

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Cristiano Ronaldo Accused of $16.5M Tax Evasion

Article by Tariq Panja | Found on

Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of failing to pay 14.7 million euros ($16.5 million) in taxes.

The prosecutor’s office in Madrid filed a lawsuit that alleges that the 31-year-old knowingly used offshore accounts to hide income from his image-rights payments. The charges come months after Spanish newspaper El Mundo published leaked documents revealing details of the offshore holdings of several soccer players, including Ronaldo. The tax evasion relates to a three-year period starting in 2011. Read more