Friends of the Children

Friends of the Children Donation

Isler Northwest is proud to support Friends of the Children with a donation of toys and gifts this holiday season!

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Year-end tax tips for charitable giving this holiday season

Article by Jeff Brown | Featured on

For most people, giving to charity is simply a matter of goodwill and generosity. But there are tax benefits, and they can be significant. Knowing how to get a tax deduction can allow you to give even more.

But you’ve got to follow the rules. And as with so many tax matters, common sense is not good enough.

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Donations To Randall Children’s Hospital

For our annual toy drive Isler NW has donated $1,000 worth of toys to Randall Children’s Hospital.

This wish list consists of toys and supplies which can be enjoyed by hospitalized patients throughout the year. These items are used to stock the playrooms, where multiple patients can benefit from playing with the toys, and also given to individual patients to have in their own rooms. Additionally, we play weekly group activities, such as BINGO, and require small items in the $5-15 range for all ages which can be used as prizes. – Randall Children’s Hospital

Isler Community Involvement - Vital Life Foundation

The Vital Life Foundation

The Vital Life Foundation’s mission is to support organizations and programs that provide meaning and vitality in the lives of seniors and staff members living and working in long term care. Isler Northwest is a proud corporate donor to the Vital Life Foundation and supporter of its efforts to provide support for youth, wellness, education, families, women and seniors. Isler Northwest’s partner Dale H. Glasser, CPA is a hardworking member of Vital Life Foundation’s Board of Directors which allows him to see firsthand the outstanding services Vital Life provides to individuals and local communities in the Northwest.

Through donations to charitable partners such as Friends of Children, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and Meals on Wheels People as well Vital Life’s programs and volunteer activities the Vital Life Foundation provides services and support to meaningful causes that positively impact youth, general health and wellness, education, families, women and seniors. In 2015 alone Vital Life raised nearly $1 million through 1,820 individual donors – the most of both ever. Volunteers stepped up in record numbers while corporate and individual donors provided the financial resources that allowed Vital Life to complete its charitable work. Historic success and exceptional impact – all made possible through teamwork and the power of commitment.

Isler Community Involvement - Vital Life Foundation

Isler Community Involvement - Vital Life Foundation

Isler Community Involvement - Vital Life Foundation

Isler Community Involvement - Vital Life Foundation

KGW School Supply Drive - Isler NW

Community Involvement – KGW School Supply Drive

Isler Northwest LLC proudly supported the KGW School Supply Drive this summer.

School House Supply Drive LogoThe goal of the KGW School Supply Drive was to collect enough school supplies and cash to send 8,000 students in need back to school fully equipped to learn. All donations went to Schoolhouse Supplies, a local nonprofit organization that supports public education in Portland by giving students and teachers free classroom supplies.

Isler collected the following items in a few short weeks:

  • 67 X 150 sheets of notebook paper
  • 27 X notebooks with 175 sheets
  • 30 X washable markers with 10 colors each
  • 11 X 2 pack glue sticks
  • 25 X 4 pack glue sticks
  • 1 X 8 pack glue sticks
  • 39 X tubes of glue
  • 10 X 96 sheets of construction paper
  • 20 X 5 dividers
  • 22 X 24 color crayons
  • 23 X 15 cap
  • 40 X 2 pink erasers
  • 2 X 3 white erasers
  • 20 X rulers
  • 25 X 24 count color pencils
  • 5 X 12 count color pencils
  • 5 X 24 count #2 pencils
  • 4 X 12 count #2 pencils
  • 50 X 10 count #2 pencils
  • 10 X big scissors
  • 16 X small scissors
  • 30 X 8 count washable water colors
  • 3 X 10 count red pens
  • 8 X 10 count black pens
  • 8 X 10 count blue pens

We snapped a few pictures of the Isler team donating the supplies we collected. We had a great time giving back to our local schools and setting our future community leaders up for success! We look forward to the next KGW School Supply Drive!