Wealthy Taxpayers May Want to Strategize for Potential Tax Increases

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Article Highlights: Skyrocketing Government Spending Federal and State Deficits Tax Increases in Our Future Tax Strategies The outcome of the November elections could have a significant impact on taxes for the wealthy. The COVID-19…

Is The Government Keeping Your Refund?

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  Article Highlights: Bureau of the Fiscal Service Allowable Refund Offsets Disputing an Offset Injured Spouse Claim We all look forward to receiving our tax refunds, but what if you were expecting a refund and it never…
Tax Changes For 2019

Tax Changes For 2019

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As the end of the year approaches, now is a good time to review the various changes that impact 2019 tax returns. Some of the changes are likely to apply to your tax situation. In addition, be aware that various tax-related bills currently in…