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You May Not Get a Tax Refund Next Year

Article Highlights: 

  • Payroll Withholding
  • W-4
  • 2018 Tax Projection
  • Adjusting Withholding

With all of the tax reform changes and the corresponding reductions in most taxpayers’ income tax withholding, there are serious concerns that the reduction in withholding, although providing more take-home pay now, could end up resulting in unexpected taxes due at tax time next year. For that reason, taxpayers should be overly cautious about their payroll withholding for 2018. One need only look at the W-4 instructions to realize that an individual without any substantial tax training can quickly become lost when filling out the worksheets. It is not business as usual. Read more

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There’s a Real Difference Between a Personal and Business Credit Card

Article by Jared Hecht | Found on Entrepreneur

If you’re a business owner, there are dozens of reasons to have a credit card. For one thing, they are a great way to keep track of all your business expenses in one place. They also offer opportunities to earn points or rewards on purchases you would make anyway. Not to mention, they can be an excellent option for financing your business, especially if you are in the startup phase and can’t yet qualify for a small business loan. Read more

Hyderabad Man caught hold for helping his friend to rape his wife!

Hyderabad rape case: Yet, another rape case in brought ahead in front of you. But, this time it’s not Delhi, but it’s Hyderabad- the pearl city. The incident took place in the city where 30 years old coward was arrested for helping his friend to rape his wife. Mohammed Saleemuddin, 30 years old was married and living in Hyderabad. His close friend Chand Pasha, who was badly addicted to pornography, has raped his wife with the help of Mohammed. My review here on a complaint was then filled against the culprits by the victim with an allegation that she was raped and his husband has helped the rapist. Not only this, she also made the complaint saying that he was a drug habitant and use to consume pills and behave erratically. There was also hard pressure to get involved having sex with other men says the victim.

After giving such complaint, the police team has held the husband but the rapist friend is still absconding.  The Wife, who was the victim gave a statement saying, “He (husband) told me that a woman maintains multiple sexual parts was common in the West. He once urged me to have sex with a friend while he was present in the same room.”  As per the sources, the husband got addicted to taking drugs in Australia where he got addicted and continued with the same after coming back.

He used to take hard drugs -says the victim!

The victim wife was bearing lot of harassment from her husband and one fine day unable to bear the harassment has complained Seleemuddin’s mother about the same. His mother on the other side has dismissed her concerns. The victim was also asked to obey what her husband says as this would help them get the financial benefits says the victim. On the entire matter, the South Zone police are investigating the matter and say that the harassment started right before the marriage. The victim’s complaint has been logged and strict action will be imposed against the culprits says the south Zone police team.

How Millennials Are Making Work From Home Work

Article By Sarah Landrum | Found on Forbes

Millennials. They grow up so fast. America’s “Generation Y” is now moving into management roles in the workplace. They’re also starting families. And all this “grown-up stuff” inevitably means one thing for them — Goodbye, work-life balance.

The generation who works harder for less money than Boomers now needs to juggle the responsibilities of gainful employment as well as leading their households. One ever-more-popular solution for reclaiming a few hours throughout the week is working from home. And millennials are making it work for them in a big way.

Right now, about a third of working millennials say achieving and maintaining this balance feels out of reach, which is probably why, as of 2015, the average worker in the U.S. telecommutes to work two days out of each month and why WFH has risen in popularity by 80% in just a little over 10 years. Read more

8 Things Keeping You From Early Retirement

Article by Maya Kachroo-Levine | Found on Forbes

Early retirement is a goal most people talk themselves out of before ever starting. It involves making lifestyle changes in order to accommodate hard-to-reach savings goals, and often going to extreme lengths to pay off debt quickly. The upside, of course, is shaving 10-30 years off your workload. I’ve interviewed people who are just starting to plan for an early retirement, and others who have already successfully retired before 30. From them, I’ve gleaned some of the dos and don’ts of retiring early. If you want to pursue early retirement, here are eight things that may be holding you back.
Read more

New Tax Rules for 2017

By Robert Trinz | Article Featured on AccountingToday

The new year promises to be an challenging one for tax practitioners, as President-elect Trump and Congressional Republicans have promised to enact a significant tax reform package in 2017. However, even if there is no new law, practitioners still will have to cope with a number of tax changes that go into effect for the first time this year or apply for the first time for tax returns filed this year.

This article is a roundup of these tax changes, other than indexing changes and changes created by Congress’s failure (as of now), to enact an extenders package to revive tax provisions that expired at the end of 2016. (You can see an abridged list of the new items here.) Read more

Happy Holidays 2016

How to fix Faulty hard drives using Check Disk Utility in Windows 10

Your PC’s hard circle holds all your essential information, and any harm to it can put your information in danger also. Shockingly, a hard plate has a constrained life expectancy, and sometime it will get ruined/harmed. So relying upon it for all your valuable information isn’t generally a decent alternative.

You have to ensure all your vital information is went down before anything happens to your hard plate. Faulty Hard Drives chkdsk on Windows 10 For this reason, you have to keep a tab on your hard circle well being, so you can move down every one of your information on the off chance that you presume a broken hard plate. In this post we will demonstrate you distinctive strategies to check hard plate well being and get the required data.

1. Windows CHKDSK Tool

Windows CHKDSK Tool is a worked in Windows apparatus that will check your plate to discover framework mistakes and awful segments and show if there are any issues with your hard circle. It will both sweep and fix issues it can settle and will fill you in as to whether there is a more concerning issue that it can’t settle. You can utilize this device to both check hard plate wellbeing and fix terrible segments and mistakes if conceivable.

To utilize CHKDSK, right-tap on the drive which you might want to check for mistakes, and select “Properties.” Now tap on the “Apparatuses” tab, and after that tap on the “Check now” catch.

A discourse will open up with two choices to settle blunders and output for terrible segments. You can choose these choices in the event that you need to settle mistakes and terrible divisions, else you can simply tap on “Begin” to get a fundamental report of hard plate issues (if there are any).

This instrument is exceptionally essential and concentrates on discovering framework blunders and terrible divisions. It will simply fill you in as to whether there are any huge issues and nothing more. So just utilize it as an essential hard circle checking and settling apparatus.

2. Utilize WMIC

WMIC is a charge line interface that gives you a chance to perform numerous managerial undertakings, including checking hard plate wellbeing. It utilizes the S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) highlight of hard plates to see status and give a basic conclusion, similar to “alright” or “Pred Fail,” and so forth. It is as yet an exceptionally essential summon that offers almost no data, however it is snappy and a worked in highlight of Windows.

To check a hard plate with WMIC, press the “Windows + R” catch to open the Run exchange. Presently, type cmd and tap on “alright” to open the Windows Command Prompt.

Here, type wmic

also, hit Enter. At the point when the WMI interface is prepared, type

diskdrive get status

also, press Enter once more. You will see the status of your hard circle after a short deferral.

3. Utilize a Third-Party Hard Disk Health Checking Tool

You can likewise utilize an outsider hard plate wellbeing checking device that will offer substantially more data than simply great or terrible status. These instruments utilize the same “S.M.A.R.T” highlight of hard circles to get information, much the same as WMIC. Notwithstanding, they give every one of the points of interest to you, rather than simply demonstrating great or terrible status.


For this reason, CrystalDiskInfo is an extremely straightforward, yet effective, instrument. It is an allowed to-utilize instrument that is to a great degree light and offers all the required data, for example, temperature, wellbeing status, hard circle compose and includes, and different qualities like read/compose mistake rate and turn up time, and so forth.

The standard apparatus comes as a 4 MB .exe document, and its installer contains promotions, so ensure you utilize the “Custom Installer” alternative and uncheck the side instrument (advertisement). Once introduced, you should simply dispatch the program, and you will see all the data about your hard disk(s) in the principle interface. The apparatus will likewise check the hard plate wellbeing after each 10 min (as a matter of course) and caution you if there is anything incorrectly.

There are additionally other outsider hard circle wellbeing checking instruments, as Hard Disk Sentinel again HDDScan. Windowsbeast.com These are significantly more progressed with heaps of additional highlights, however for a normal client CrystalDiskInfo should work consummately.


You can utilize the previously mentioned apparatuses to check hard plate wellbeing in your Windows PC. In the event that you needn’t bother with additional points of interest, at that point the Windows worked in apparatuses should work extraordinary. Else, it is prescribed to download an outsider hard circle wellbeing checking instrument.

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