Don’t Be A Victim to IRS Impersonating Scammers

Don’t Be A Victim to IRS-Impersonating Scammers

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Article Highlights: Phone Scams E-Mail Phishing What’s in Your Purse or Wallet? What You Should Never Do Fake Charities Protecting Against Identity Theft Thieves use taxpayers’ natural fear of the IRS and other government…
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Oregon Supreme Court approves tax to fund state EV rebates

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Original Article by Catherine Morehouse Oregon Supreme Court approves tax to fund state EV rebates The Oregon Supreme Court approved the use of a privilege tax to fund the state's Clean Vehicle Rebate Program on Sunday, after AAA…
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Cryptocurrencies and Taxes

Article Highlights: Virtual Currency Valuation Transactions Character of the Gain or Loss Foreign Currency Transactions Foreign Bank and Financial Account (FBAR) Reporting Payment for Goods & Services Acquiring…
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New Malware Steals Your Credit Card Info via Text

Article by Rob Price | Found on INC.COM It's wise not to enter your credit card details into shady-looking apps and websites if you don't want your details stolen. But sometimes, not even the apps you know and trust are safe. A…
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The Technology That Will Change Accounting

Article by Levi Morehouse | Found on Forbes Lots of people speculate about the next big innovation that will take their industries by storm. In the realm of accounting and finance, there is a major technology often misunderstood by professionals…
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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Ransomware

Article by Sean Stein Smith | Found on The issues of cybersecurity and ransomware tend to have a lifecycle that resembles income taxes and college basketball. Periodically, there is a tremendous amount of interest in these issues,…

Stop Robocalls to Your Cellphone With Nomorobo

By Greg LaFollette, CPA/CITP, CGMA | Found on Journal of Accountancy Many people claim privacy is dead, and more and more of us tend to agree. As much as some aspects of technology seem to hasten the probable demise of privacy, other…

Hooked on Our Smartphones

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By Jane E. Brody | Found on New York Times The many men, women and children who spend their days glued to their smartphones and social media accounts might learn something from Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the groundbreaking megahit…
Technology Replacing Workers

Latest Updates On the Technology Sector in 2017

The year 2017 was very eventful for the Technology sector as there was something new better and more advanced coming up every month for the tech savvy people that made things better for them. There have been more than 2000 different additions…
Technology Replacing Workers

The End of Work as We Know It

PARIS – In 1983, the American economist and Nobel laureate Wassily Leontief made what was then a startling prediction. Machines, he said, are likely to replace human labor much in the same way that the tractor replaced the horse. Today, with…