Lease vs. Purchase Analysis

Are you wrestling with the decision about whether to purchase or lease certain property?
Isler Northwest professionals can help you apply practical financial and income tax analysis techniques to guide you in making informed decisions about whether to purchase or lease a particular asset. Our objectives are to help you evaluate options that most closely reflect your goals and to guide you through the decision process to a conclusion that gets you there and makes sense to you.

What benefits can I expect from having Isler Northwest assist me in making these decisions?
Lease and purchase documents are often difficult to analyze due to confusing terms and volumes of paperwork, complicating the decision about whether to purchase or lease an asset. Our professionals will help you better understand and evaluate the impact of specific agreement provisions. We will also take the mystery out of selecting the right option by helping you understand the nature and extent of the tax consequences resulting from your decisions. Our analysis assistance helps you make a more informed asset acquisition decision – one that meets your objectives and is based on your understanding of the resulting financial and tax consequences.

What are the consequences of not seeking Isler’s expertise in making these decisions?
The primary consequence of making such decisions without proper counsel is the risk of being lured into contractual obligations with unexpected or unintended results. Sometimes the promoters of such transactions have self-serving motives that may conflict with your own goals. It is always better to seek an ounce of prevention rather than having to pay the price for pounds of cure.

Be sure to consult with an Isler professional whenever you face the complex decision about whether to lease or to purchase property. We will always be there to help you choose the option that fits your needs.