Expatriate Tax Services


Are you a US citizen assigned to work overseas, or Foreign National working in the US?
If so, you will be pleased to know that we specialize in tax planning and compliance services that apply uniquely to you. Employers of such individuals also face issues that require special expertise. We provide expert guidance to both employer and employee.What are Expatriates and Foreign Nationals, and how does Isler’s expertise in tax issues affecting each benefit me?
An Expatriate is typically a US citizen whose employment is outside the US, in a foreign country. A Foreign National is just the opposite – a citizen of a foreign country whose employment is within the US. The tax issues applicable to each are unique and complex. Compliance with tax laws, rules, and treaty provisions affecting each requires the special expertise that Isler has gained over many years as advisors to employees and employers affected by these tax provisions.

These years of valued experience with Expatriate and Foreign National tax issues have earned us recognition for distinguished service by our peers, by individuals coming from, and working in, many foreign countries, and by companies outside and within the US, including multinational and fortune 500 companies that request our assistance with these complex tax issues.

What specific services does Isler Northwest offer to such a wide range of clients as described above?
We assist with proper tax planning and return preparation for Expatriates and Foreign Nationals, including determining optimum filing positions and minimizing current and long-term worldwide tax burdens and the costs to employers. If you are a foreign national, we are authorized to assist you in securing proper tax registration credentials to ease the burden of compliance with local tax filing requirements. Our assistance with inquiries from tax authorities provides convenience for the individual working abroad and peace of mind to the Foreign National working in the U.S.

What are the consequences of not pursuing Isler’s Expatriate Tax expertise?
The obvious consequences of not securing Isler’ expertise is the potential loss of tax savings, including treaty benefits, and for employers with international transferee programs, higher costs and increased risk of noncompliance.

Be sure to discuss with our professionals any plans you may have as a US citizen to work abroad, or as an employer to hire a Foreign National to work in the US.