Is your present business entity structure the right choice for your goals and needs?

Isler Northwest’s Business Entity Restructuring review can help you know which business entity form is best suited to your current and future business plans. Our goal is to ensure that the form of entity for your business is appropriate, given your present business needs and the short and long-term goals of the business and its owners.

What are the benefits of a Business Entity Restructuring review?
Many businesses are established without fully considering the impact of all the alternative forms of ownership. Business goals and needs change with time. Your initial business structure may no longer meet the business’ goals or your personal goals. The benefits of proper entity selection and restructuring include tax reduction, liability protection, operational flexibility, and ease of business expansion and succession.

What are the consequences of not seeking Isler’s assistance with this type of review?
The consequences may include higher taxes, increased business risk, less operational flexibility, and more complicated succession planning and business expansion.

What can I do to avoid the risks of improper business entity selection or failure to respond to restructuring needs?
At least annually, you should include as part of your business planning a discussion with an Isler Northwest professional about prospective changes in the character or ownership of your business. Our professionals are trained to help recognize the benefits of proper business entity selection. We will help you develop business plans and monitor ongoing planning goals and needs to help you make responsible business entity restructuring decisions.