Do you suspect possible theft or fraud within your organization?

Theft and fraud have been greatly on the rise in recent years. Isler Northwest’s professional team of Certified Public Accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners specialize in forensic accounting techniques designed to detect and uncover such irregularities – – which will impact most organizations at some point, regardless of general economic conditions. Our experience in gathering, analyzing, and interpreting financial data helps you to implement risk reduction measures and also equips counsel, arbitrators, management, and others with the information necessary to quickly make informed decisions in resolving instances of theft and fraud.

What can Isler do to help me respond to such risks?

All our services are customized for your particular needs. Following are some of the typical situations for which we are called upon to provide solutions and support:

• Asset tracing and recovery
• Damage calculations
• Due diligence engagements
• Economic loss claims
• Employee embezzlement investigation
• Forensic evidence for civil litigation matters (partner disputes, breach of contracts, tenant disputes)
• Fraud investigation
• Fraud prevention
• Kickback investigation
• Litigation support
• Marriage dissolution support
• Misappropriation of funds or assets

Can theft and fraud really occur in my organization?

While we all would like to believe that our organizations are impervious to such risks, experience has shown that opportunities and motives relating to such irregularities are inherent in nearly every organization. Smaller organizations are particularly vulnerable to these risks because of their generally less-effective internal controls.

What are the benefits of engaging Isler to help prevent and resolve such threats to my organization?

Theft and fraud can financially devastate an organization and damage its reputation and employee morale. Left undetected, the consequences may range from short-term profit impairment to failure of an entity to survive. The most obvious positive result from such seeking our assistance is the peace of mind you will feel knowing you have taken essential steps to help you protect your organization from loss to the extent of its ability and means. Please call us today to ask how we can help you address your concerns about these risks.