Anyone can follow instructions, enter numbers on a form, and do the math required to file a tax return.  What really matters is the expertise to discern what numbers are appropriate, to decide what forms and elections are most beneficial, to interpret when and how they apply, and to arrange your tax affairs to optimize tax savings. You can count on us to bring you sound and valuable ideas and solutions and to ease your stress about all of your tax planning and compliance concerns.

Our seasoned tax professionals go beyond the basic tax compliance requirements of preparing and filing your annual business, personal, or fiduciary income tax returns.  We go far beyond the number crunching to make certain the right numbers get crunched. We also stand ready to assist you with other tax planning and compliance matters, such as:

  • Tax audit and defense/appeals representation
  • Net operating loss carryback
  • Tax research and planning strategies
  • Tax credit optimization
  • Multistate and local jurisdictions compliance
  • International tax planning strategies and compliance (including foreign transaction and FinCEN reporting)

Corporate, individual, partnership, fiduciary, estate, trust, payroll, employee benefit plans, domestic or international – we stand ready to help you with all these and other core tax planning and preparation needs.

We comb all of the complexities out of a snarly tax code and present the rules, opportunities, and risks to you in clear and easily understood terms. We see our role as being your advocate, exploring all reasonable tax-advantaged filing positions, and presenting to you the best possible results to minimize your tax burden. The rewards of attaining these goals fuel our enthusiasm for going beyond your expectations to achieve the best possible outcome for you in every task we undertake.