Are you considering a personal or business investment in real estate?

The income tax rules applicable to real estate are extensive and complex. At Isler Northwest, you will find professionals with first-hand real estate analysis investment experience and the expertise to plan and structure real estate transactions to help you achieve a flexible and efficient investment with maximum economic and tax benefits.

How can I benefit from Isler’s real estate analysis transaction expertise?

You benefit from Isler Northwest’s extensive practical experience with real estate investments and the knowledge and expertise gained from years of applying complex tax rules to an expansive list of real estate investment transactions. Our analysis will help you successfully implement your investment plan, increase the economic return on your investment, and minimize related investment risk and taxes. We will advise you about leverage, investment acquisition and disposition strategies, tax-advantaged and tax-deferred planning strategies, cost segregation, entity ownership and asset protection strategies, and a host of other planning and management opportunities that will maximize your investment return.

What are the consequences of not seeking Isler Northwest’s real estate analysis transaction expertise?

Our present tax laws are structured to reward real estate investors for careful and disciplined investment planning and implementation. The consequences of not seeking guidance from knowledgeable professionals with extensive practical experience are devastating, ranging from loss of current tax incentives and benefits to unnecessary economic losses due to lack of planning and improper implementation. This neglect also often produces higher disposition tax costs, higher estate taxes and other negative consequences.

Tax rules governing real estate will vary according to how the real estate is owned and how the particular property is used. Be sure to consult with an Isler Northwest professional any time you are planning to acquire or dispose of real estate.