Are you perplexed by the maze of options and nuances of products and services offered to help you prepare for a secure financial present and future?

As your primary financial and tax adviser, Isler Northwest has access to resources to help you understand the many opportunities and options available to help you develop a sound financial plan leading to security and peace of mind.

What role does Isler play in helping me with my financial planning objectives?

With so many providers of these financial products and services having a vested interest in the related outcome of what they offer, Isler professionals serve as an independent resource to help you find solutions to complex financial planning issues. We have objective relationships with a number of independent financial planning professionals, and we combine our own objective guidance with the expertise of independent professionals to help you understand and choose what’s right for you.

What specific elements of financial planning may be applicable to my situation?

Financial planning needs will vary according to your personal circumstances. The following represent a menu of some of the planning needs that may be applicable at some stage of life:

• Traditional tax planning
• Cash flow / debt management
• Asset protection planning
• Private school or college saving
• Deferred compensation / options
• Investment planning (Isler does not offer investment planning or advice)
• Insurance planning (Isler does not sell or broker insurance products)
• Disability planning
• Charitable planning
• Estate, gift, and retirement planning
• Long-term health care planning
• Elder care planning
• Life event planning

What are the consequences of deferring or ignoring these financial planning opportunities?

Without such planning, matters of finance are left up in the air, without direction, subject to decisions of the moment. This approach can have severe consequences, ranging from inability to finance an intended lifestyle to personal and family insolvency.

We encourage you to discuss you financial planning objectives with our professionals.