Hyderabad Man caught hold for helping his friend to rape his wife!

Hyderabad rape case: Yet, another rape case in brought ahead in front of you. But, this time it’s not Delhi, but it’s Hyderabad- the pearl city. The incident took place in the city where 30 years old coward was arrested for helping his friend to rape his wife. Mohammed Saleemuddin, 30 years old was married and living in Hyderabad. His close friend Chand Pasha, who was badly addicted to pornography, has raped his wife with the help of Mohammed. My review here on a complaint was then filled against the culprits by the victim with an allegation that she was raped and his husband has helped the rapist. Not only this, she also made the complaint saying that he was a drug habitant and use to consume pills and behave erratically. There was also hard pressure to get involved having sex with other men says the victim.

After giving such complaint, the police team has held the husband but the rapist friend is still absconding.  The Wife, who was the victim gave a statement saying, “He (husband) told me that a woman maintains multiple sexual parts was common in the West. He once urged me to have sex with a friend while he was present in the same room.”  As per the sources, the husband got addicted to taking drugs in Australia where he got addicted and continued with the same after coming back.

He used to take hard drugs -says the victim!

The victim wife was bearing lot of harassment from her husband and one fine day unable to bear the harassment has complained Seleemuddin’s mother about the same. His mother on the other side has dismissed her concerns. The victim was also asked to obey what her husband says as this would help them get the financial benefits says the victim. On the entire matter, the South Zone police are investigating the matter and say that the harassment started right before the marriage. The victim’s complaint has been logged and strict action will be imposed against the culprits says the south Zone police team.