Have you recently invested, or are you about to invest, in real property?

If so, our Asset Acquisition Cost Segregation services may help you maximize the cash return on your real estate investment.

What is Cost Segregation and how does it benefit me?

It is simply the proper allocation of construction or acquisition costs of depreciable real and personal property to yield the greatest tax benefit possible for the investment.

Prudent application of these cost segregation principles assures you the greatest possible tax benefit from your real property investment. The result is a faster cash return on your investment – more cash in the till, now.

How can Isler Northwest help me benefit from this Cost Segregation planning opportunity?

The skills and knowledge of our experienced professionals will assure you the greatest possible tax benefits of your real property investment – resulting in a faster cash return on your investment. For example, proper cost segregation can make the difference between current tax benefits of $22,000 vs. $2,500 on a qualifying investment of $100,000 – the larger the investment, the greater the benefits.

What are the consequences of not pursuing this Cost Segregation assistance?

The consequences of not taking advantage of this service can mean the loss of immediate, substantial tax savings, and thus a diminished return on your investment.

Be sure to discuss with our professionals any plans you may have to make a substantial real property investment.