What is your business worth? How much should you pay for that business you’re eyeing? Do you have a general feel for the fair value of your business but are not certain just how realistic that estimate is, or how a potential market buyer would react to your opinion about it? Maybe you are thinking of buying an existing business and are not confident about the offer price. Isler’s Business Valuation Assistance services can put your mind at ease.

How can Isler’s Business Valuation Assistance services benefit me?

We have the expertise, resources, and experience to help you approach any valuation transaction confidently, whether you are buying or selling a business, issuing shares for service, admitting or redeeming a partner, planning estate or gift affairs, or any number of other circumstances requiring valuation assistance. Our valuation expertise will enable you to structure transactions in ways best suited to your goals.

With proper guidance you will avoid over-paying for a business, or increase your chances of negotiating a higher price for your business when you sell. We will be able to help you obtain adequate life insurance based on proper values, establish an appropriate annual value for a buy-sell agreement, and minimize gift and estate taxes, just to name a few. As we work with you closely, you will sharpen your understanding about the key components to building up a business’ value and use that knowledge to strengthen your negotiating position.

They are the nicest people you’re ever going to meet.

No one knows more about my business than I do – isn’t that enough to get me through?

It is true that your knowledge about your business is a key factor in establishing unique value for your investment. As with any other professional discipline, skilled business valuation experts will build upon that proprietary knowledge, and using sound, objective, and imaginative expertise, can formulate the right value for your transaction. On the other hand, there are those who choose to go it on their own, without this vital guidance. They usually run the risk of dealing with those who may be more prepared than they are, without adequate knowledge and the tools to negotiate wisely. The consequences can be devastating – selling at an unwarranted discount, paying a far too costly premium, incurring needless taxes.

Maximize your advantage. Be sure to contact our office to discuss any of your plans that might involve valuation services. Please let us help you do it right with our Business Valuation Assistance services.