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5 Employee Training Tactics That Actually Work

Article by Nicole Fallon | Found on Business News Daily

Every new job has a learning curve – and every existing job evolves over time. Consistent learning and training helps employees build and sharpen their skills, and ensures that your team is growing with their roles, rather than remaining stagnant. Passing around a lengthy PDF or slideshow presentation may seem like the easiest method of training, but it’s not going to help your team members learn how to do their jobs well. Business News Daily asked business leaders to outline a few training methods that help employees stay engaged and motivated throughout the process. Read more

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Your Money: Three Big Ideas to Make it Easier to Save for College

Article by Beth Pinkser | Article Found on Reuters

Surveys regularly find that Americans have no idea what a 529 college savings plan is, so a little tinkering under the hood is definitely needed.

For more than 20 years, families have been able to save in these dedicated investment accounts, with the funds accumulating tax free, as long as the money is used for higher education.

Changing the system even in the smallest way requires Congressional legislation, a tough sell in any given year, and even tougher in the current political climate.

“There aren’t enough hours in the day,” said Republican Representative Lynn Jenkins of Kansas, who just co-sponsored a bill with Democrat Ron Kind of Wisconsin to improve 529 and ABLE accounts, which are similar educational savings plans for disabled individuals.

Jenkins has introduced legislation over the years to tweak educational savings plans. She had success with provisions that took effect in 2015 to make computers a qualified expense and change redeposit rules if a student withdraws mid-year. Read more

Why Skipping Community College Could Be A $20,000 Mistake

Article by Andrew Josuweit | Found on Forbes

When Adam Reres was in high school, he decided to take a different route than many of his peers. Rather than go straight to the four-year school of his dreams, he decided to start his education at a community college.

“My decision to go to community college was mainly based on cost,” said Reres. “Community college was about one-third of the tuition of a four-year school. And with all of the core requirements accounted for, it was my gateway into a four-year program without wasting money on unnecessary credits.”
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Should Your High Schooler Get an After-School Job?

Article by Beth Kobliner | Article Found on INC.COM

When my friend Cassie was a senior in high school, she cashiered at a local supermarket. She earned enough money to go out with friends without asking her cash-strapped mom for a handout. A couple shifts a week ringing up groceries was a small price to pay for all that financial independence. But then someone at the store quit suddenly, and Cassie’s manager assigned her extra shifts–right before the January 1 deadline for her college applications. She asked for a couple days off, but the boss said no, and Cassie couldn’t find anyone to take her shifts (and didn’t feel comfortable pressing the issue). Suddenly, she was in a quandary that could have a big impact on her future. Read more

Happy New Year 2018 DJ Songs Collections – New Year Video Download

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Happy New Year 2018 DJ Songs Collections – New Year Video Download

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Shrinking Financial Aid Curbs Impact of Slowing College Tuition Increases

Shrinking Financial Aid Curbs Impact of Slowing College Tuition Increases

By Douglas Belkin | Featured on WSJ

Relatively modest rise in 2015-2016 amplified by near-zero inflation and pullback in grants

Tuition increases at U.S. colleges have plateaued after decades of steep growth, but stagnant wages, near-zero inflation and a slight pullback in grants have amplified this year’s relatively modest rise.

Published tuition for the 2015-16 academic year rose 2.9% for in-state students at four-year public schools—the same increase as last year. But adjusted for inflation, the gain was 2.7% this year, compared with 0.9% last year, according to a report released Wednesday from the College Board, a New York nonprofit that tracks university costs.

In-state students attending public four-year institutions are now paying $19,548 on average for tuition, fees and room and board, up from $18,931 in 2014-15. Private-school costs rose $1,476 to $43,921 over the year.

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