Sole Practitioners Take Note.

Isler Northwest is the expert in Practice Continuation Planning

  • We created the first CPA practice continuation plans in Oregon over forty years ago.
  • We call these plans “Standby Agreements”, and today we have more in place than any other firm in the state.
  • Isler’s longevity, professional reputation, and resources allow us to integrate your practice into ours in case of emergency.
  • We are internationally recognized as CPA practice continuation planning experts – practitioners around the globe regularly request our advice regarding this critical planning opportunity.

What’s your practice worth if you’re a sole practitioner and are no longer able to run it?

In a word, “nothing”. It’s a fact that your practice will rapidly dissipate if you’re suddenly disabled from an accident or health problem – or if you die. It makes sense. Your clients want the financial security and stability you provide. When you’re not there, they will find someone else. Quickly.

You’ve spent years building your practice – shouldn’t it be worth something if you are disabled, die, or want to retire?

Look at all the other protection plans you probably have in place: health insurance, home insurance, car insurance, life insurance. But who protects your business investment, who ensures your clients they will be taken care of, and who compensates your family no matter what happens?

What can you do now – at no cost – to protect your practice, your clients, and your family?

  • Consider an Isler “Standby Agreement” – a widely accepted practice continuation strategy that protects your accounting practice in event of an unforeseen tragedy.
  • We call these plans “Standby Agreements” because they are designed with this message in mind: “we’re here standing by in case you need us.

Our “No Strings Attached” Standby Agreement

  • It’s a simple contract between you as a sole practitioner and Isler Northwest – – in the event you are disabled or die, your practice automatically transitions to Isler under terms established in advance – it‘s like having a living trust for your practice.
  • It does not go into effect until the specified circumstances occur.
  • This means your business stays intact, business income continues, and you and your family are protected – all risk free.
  • Plus, anytime you want, for any reason, you can call our office and cancel the agreement. Period.

Temporarily sick or injured?  Who runs the business?

If you were out of work from a serious accident or illness and couldn’t practice for six months, how would an Isler Standby Agreement protect you?

We would immediately step in for whatever period of time you needed us. We would run your practice, pay you according to the terms of the agreement, and turn the practice back over to you (intact) when you were ready to return to work. No client stealing, no tricks. Intact. Guaranteed. And it’s in writing.

If you die – is your practice protected?

Let’s say after 15 years of hard work, your practice is just beginning to pay off from those early lean years. You’re married and have three kids. Suddenly, you’re killed in an auto accident. Would a Standby Agreement help?

Yes!  A properly executed Isler Standby Agreement would allow your heirs to continue to benefit from the fruits of your labors and your thoughtful planning.

So what’s the catch – and what’s the cost?

No catch. No cost. Not now, not in the future, not ever.

A Standby Agreement is a guaranteed contract that costs you nothing, yet provides you with complete protection, so you don’t have to lie awake at night and wonder what would happen if.

Our commitment to you.

  • We will not solicit your clients at any time. We are ethically bound to honor this commitment and   it’s guaranteed in writing as part of your Standby Agreement.
  • The value you have built-up over the years will not be lost, and in the case of your death, your heirs will be compensated regularly and timely, based upon client retention.
  • We will assign your clients to Isler owners who, like you, are dedicated to providing exceptional personal service.

What benefits do you get today from your Standby Agreement?

  • You can call on us for research assistance, tap into our technical advisers, or join us – free of charge – in our continuing professional education programs.
  • Consider us your behind-the-scenes partner.  Our job is to support you when you want it and need it, so your clients are pleased with you.
  • We serve a broad range of industries so we may be able to help you with specific tax or audit questions, or related engagements.
  • In addition, we can be your back-up for litigation support, international tax issues, management consulting, estate planning, and much more.

And the best part is…

You can cancel your Standby Agreement with a phone call – no matter what the reason. No hidden agendas, no fine print, no cost, no strings. That simple.